Black bird singing in the dead of night

First Day of a New Life

Kurt’s mind had been on high alert since he woke up. Not being he was upset or because he was watching out for something, but because he was married. From the moment his eyes peeled open, he knew it for a fact. The pretty little set of rings on his finger were more than proof, and the very cuddly and sleepy man beside him was the cherry on top. It was rare to actually sleep on your wedding night, even more rare for them to be sleeping rather than do anything, but he loved it, and was ready to start the day off right.

It was their first official day in the house, and Kurt was thankful that Rachel actually listened to him and followed the grocery list he gave her so they could stuck it all up for their ‘honeymoon’. Rather than wake Blaine right away, Kurt took Brian and lead him to the kitchen where he prepared breakfast, letting the beagle eat in his own little bowl before Kurt brought it to their bedroom so they could have breakfast in bed. Placing the trays to the side, Kurt crawled onto bed and moved back beside Blaine, his fingers tickling at the man’s side gently. “It’s time to wake up, Mr. Anderson,” Kurt said in a sweet, slow voice. 

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